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About Us

The Idea


End to end automated sales and distribution system.


Online forms for easier application process.


Instantly pay with our flexible payment methods.

Mobile Reach

Communicate with customers and agents globally.

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The Story

SplitEx started as a FinTech in Sweden where clusters of friends initiate savings to reach a common financial security in times of accidents, vehicle repair  expenses,  sudden large purchases. Members can acquire funds instantly and without previous complications. 


SplitEx migrated to a Local Government Insurance Service focused on citizen’s microinsurance needs in the Philippines. SplitEx provides a fast and easy way for anyone to apply, pay, and acquire insurance packages instantly. 


Today, Splitex is an advanced end to end Insurtech Platform, providing insurance companies and their clients flexibility in sales, payment, and marketing.


Splitex provides multiple Audit functions to increase the level of transparency and lower the need for manual handling of customers. It allows the insured access to their policy information, coverage, and claims whenever they need it most. For Insurance partners this means effective processes, higher sales, wider reach, and lower operational spending.


Splitex is managed and operated with the help of ByltAx Systems Inc. in the Philippines. 

The Vision

To empower change through innovation. 


By breaking the barriers that hinder Filipinos in getting themselves covered and changing their perception of the industry itself, we focus our work on building innovation at the least cost for emerging markets. Our top of the line system is engineered to ensure safety, maximized functions for both insurers and customers, ease of processing, and more personalized experience. Our strength lies in our people who understand and care for the fast-changing needs and demands of Filipinos and their families. With all of these in mind, SplitEx PH thrives to forward Filipino futures.

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