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Our Insurance Partners

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The Premier Insurance and Surety Corporation

TPISC was founded under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines in October 1964. TPISC is a 100% Filipino owned domestic non-life insurance company, that has provided Filipinos with reliable insurance for many decades. Like the hand that protects, the Corporation has gained the elusive trust and confidence of the insuring public since then. They aim to explore and pioneer in new trends and specialty lines in the insurance industry, expand its market base and capitalize its extensive experience to assert its foothold as a leading insurance company.

SplitEx Key Components

SplitEx provides insurance companies with a new an innovative way of selling their insurance, that is flexible, accessible, and works for their customers. We use data, technology, and new approach to revolutionise the market, and create a tailored and more personal experience for each customer.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us to become an official SplitEx partner and experience all the benefits.



Allowing Insurance companies to provide sales agents with data of their members. Fully digital member servicing from sales and product awareness to product delivery and client management.



Developing sound micropayment systems for payment via mobile device.



Mobile applications and payments fused with maximization of social media and messaging.



Automated insurance platforms for better monitoring of sales.


Agile Project Management Culture

Agile methodology that is continuous without monolithic milestones and accessing relevant expertise about customers, business, products, analytics, and IT.



Allows agents to reach, engage, and connect with customers.



Secure system using the latest technology. 


Big Data

Offers greater insights than ever into the specific behavior of customers and, therefore, their overall risk. This can give insurers the ability to better segment their customers and provide personalized products.


Young and Innovative Staff

Splitex has global digital talent working on your insurance marketing packages. Global and local talented digital marketers fully understand how to attract and retain your digital clients.

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