Our Insurance Partners

Pacific Union Insurance Company

Pacific Union Insurance Company (PUIC) has been well-known in the Philippines insurance industry with their notable underwriting works for the Philippine government back in 1952. Accredited by various financing institutions and government bodies, PUIC gained confidence here and abroad with their services. Pacific Union Insurance Company commits to providing just and satisfactory results to all of their customers, employees, and stockholders.


COCOLIFE is the biggest Filipino stock life insurance company and the first and only ISO-certified Filipino life insurance company. They are also one of the prominent leaders in the industry. With their experience, COCOLIFE continues to expand nationwide and reach more Filipinos to deliver reliable and quality products Filipinos deserve. 

Philippine British Assurance Company Inc.

Serving the Filipino people for more than 50 years, Philippine British Assurance Company, Inc. (PBAC) has built its reputation as a trusted non-life insurance provider. Ensuring customer-focused products, PBAC’s packages range from vehicle, property, engineering, bonds, general, and accident-related protection. PBAC continuously assists Filipinos and enterprises so they can be assured to live their standards while protected.

UCPB General Insurance Company Inc. (COCOGEN)

COCOGEN is one of the strongest and largest non-life insurance companies in the Philippines. COCOGEN has consistently been among the country’s top ten general insurance companies, an industry of over 50 players. Tangible assets are the main focus of COCOGEN’s non-life insurance products. Securing the future of Filipinos by protecting their homes, vehicles, businesses, and more.

KEFA Corporation

KEFA Corporation/KEFA Information Technology Services started in providing micro insurance in the Philippines via a partnership with local government units. Both SplitEx AB and KEFA Corporation have integrated their systems and skills to provide the offerings in the SplitEx Insurtech/Fintech platform. Together we created a subscription-based Personal Accident Microinsurance iOS application used in Rizal province - SplitEx App Automation for MIAA RFID. 

SplitEx Key Components


Allowing Insurance companies to provide sales agents with data of their members. Fully digital member servicing from sales and product awareness to product delivery and client management.


Developing sound micropayment systems for payment via mobile device.


Mobile applications and payments fused with maximization of social media and messaging.


Automated insurance platforms for better monitoring of sales.

Agile Project Management Culture

Agile methodology that is continuous without monolithic milestones and accessing relevant expertise about customers, business, products, analytics, and IT.


Allows agents to reach, engage, and connect with customers.


Secure system using the latest technology. 

Big Data

Offers greater insights than ever into the specific behavior of customers and, therefore, their overall risk. This can give insurers the ability to better segment their customers and provide personalized products.

Young and Innovative Staff

Splitex has global digital talent working on your insurance marketing packages. Global and local talented digital marketers fully understand how to attract and retain your digital clients.



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