fintech company providing modern technology solutions for the disruptive insurance industry

The idea

SplitEx develops app-based tech solutions that help our customers be competitive in the fast changing insurance industry

The solution

Our technical solutions allows our partners to speed up handling of several processes, such as incident reports and payouts for the beneficiaries

The result

Handling cases through SplitEx adds transparency to the processes and decrease the need of manual work and customer support

Product: SplitEx Micro Insurance
SplitEx app for micro insurance is a technical solution aiming to simplify distribution of micro insurances as well as simplifying handling of claims for both our clients and their users.

The app has multiple built in functions to increase the level of transparency and lower the need for manual handling and costumer support. It allows users to fully access information about their coverage at any time as well as make claims with minimal effort right on the spot - whenever they need to. For our partners this means effective processes and quicker handling of claims and payouts.

Make processes more secure and effective, save time and money for both partners and users.

Product: SplitEx Risk Sharing
SplitEx app for risk sharing is based on the growing sharing economy allowing users to share the risk of unforeseen cost with each other. 

Our algorithm makes sure that user groups are divided in the best possible way based on risk. Variables like asset value and number of claims from users are factors that affect the grouping. That way the system has an automated rating function making it possible for users to reach groups with extremely low damage percentage and cost. 

Peer-to-peer protection against unforeseen cost.


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