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Economically challenged, yet, ensuring that they’re insured

Based on the Philippine Statistical Yearbook, fire victims of 12,301 were made every year because of the following causes: Candle;”Gasera”, Electrical Wiring, Neglected Cooking, Cigarette Butt, Torch;”Sulo” Matchstick;Lighter, Direct Flame Contact;Static Electricity or LPG Related. It is one of the main problem here in the Philippines. “Fire is a good servant but a bad master” because it’s either helps individual’s daily lives or consuming and eating properties, even lives. Your home is part of the family, however, in just one snap it can be destroyed by the fire. That is why SplitEx is here to help the fire victims to get up and be fire resilient ready. SplitEx team together with Sir. Jerome Bernal, Head of Taytay’s youth council, went to Taytay Valle Compound, Meralco Village, last June 3, 2018 at 2:00 in the afternoon to assist them by the insurance packages since they went to an unexpected tragedy three days ago. It was glad that they bought an insurance with the mindset “Pangalawang beses na ito nangyari sa amin ngayong taon, baka maulit na naman ulit. Kaya magandang meron ako nito para handa” – said by one of the locals in the vicinity. It was a heart-breaking situation because of being poverty striken they still gave the last money on their pocket just to secure their lives and family. The helping team ended at 4:00 in the afternoon, leaving with pain in the heart but ought to have their back. SplitEx helps economically challenged people for them to ensure their security, safeness, and preparedness for the next strike of the fire. SplitEx ensuring that you and your family are fire safety, have a pal in every mishap and can save property.


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